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Dear Investor, You may be interested in the information below, especially if you are concerned about the realms of tech, robotics, and investment. We are currently attracting investments in the American robotics start-up with R&D and production facilities in Slovakia (EU). LeoTronics company is a developer and manufacturer of mobile robots and solutions based on them. We have been in the robotics business since 2020. For this short period, LeoTronics’ team managed to translate the idea of creating a range of mobile service robots into action. Now we designed a wide product range tailored to customers' needs: from firefighting robots to demining ones. LeoTronics successfully fulfilled with first stages from an idea to the preproduction models for further manufacturing. We are open to mutually beneficial cooperation with investors to grow our robotics business with a short payback period and high revenue at the world level. We are sufficiently flexible, so we are ready to adapt and re-register our business to the investors’ requirements. Thus, if you are concerned about participating in such business growth with high potential returns, on behalf of LeoTronics, I am pleased to provide you with our attached Pitch Deck for review.

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