TrackReitar Police

trackreitar police

Stories of robots saving the day seem like a story that you can only read on comic books or watch on animated shows. Stories of Voltes V, Transformers, Ultraman, and more are famous stories people admire, especially when they are kids. But who would have thought that robots could be used to protect humans? Inventing robots that can protect humans are becoming more frequent now. Previously, we shared how robots can help in disaster response. By equipping them with the right software, they can help save many lives and be one with humans in responding to different natural disasters.

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Trackreitar Police
TrackReitar Police

The Power of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

As mentioned, security robots are equipped with AI to gather information. AI helps the robot or the machine collect data, study the data, and send the data to a receiver. A robot using an AI would be possible by programming software tested to analyze images using cameras and send accurate and seamless information to everyone. If this is successful, humans and robots can be as one to make strategies for a more effective response once there is a threat to everyone's security. 

Programing an AI robot to help secure humans is not an easy task. Like any other human, robots also undergo training to program them properly to do a specific job. At first, we can train security robots to guard a particular area, which can be small. As they continuously protect this area, the robot will make further adjustments, and it will slowly adapt itself to add more measures to further improve protection in the area. In a sense, AI robots can now adjust and learn to certain situations that can make or break their ability to protect everyone. 

Aside from AI and software, the hardware is also essential in determining the effectiveness of the robot for security. And let us delve into how an AGV or Automated Guided Vehicles can be used to make robots for protection.

AGV: From Transport to Security Robots

With innovation, humans can now test the boundaries of technology and be continuously inspired by it. Automated Guided Vehicles or AGV are feats inventors and engineers achieved in making life easier for humans. 

AGV, also known as self-guided vehicles or autonomous guided vehicles, is equipment made as a carrier that can carry goods or materials independently. AGVs are commonly used in factories, distribution centers, manufacturing offices, warehouses, and more. Without AGVs, humans would have to carry different goods on their own, or they would have to use heavy machinery driven by humans, which means more work for them. 

But now, being a carrier is not the only thing AGVs can do. Through innovation, AI, and experimentation, humans can now use AGVs as a robot that people can use for security. Since it is an AGV, businesses can also use it as a carrier and as a form of protection. In this way, humans can utilize more of their workforce, which also lessens the possibility of them being at risk.

TrackReitar Police: Mobile Robots are Police Robots

With the rise of security robots, more versions were made to amplify further the call for making robots and humans work as one. One of them is the mobile robots as police robots from LeoTronics. 

LeoTronics, a company that aims to popularize robots as a form of disaster response and now, as a tool for security, created TrackReitar Police robotic ballistic shield as a mobile protection tool. Since it is a ballistic shield, it aims to protect humans from bullets, shrapnel, and other objects that can harm anyone. 

The base of TrackReitar Police is the vehicle of the police robot. Attached in the base frame of the police robot is a ballistic shield that can be brought in a position in a matter of seconds. Yes, just like a snap! 

The TrackReitar Police is equipped with powerful external light to illuminate the darkness. The light can help the police track down their footsteps, making it easier to respond to tight clearing operations. Police can also use the lights to confuse the attackers in their surroundings, which can be advantageous. 

Indeed, the TrackeReiter Police robotic ballistic shield is one of the greatest proofs that robots and humans can work as one. For more information, visit and check their projects right now. The TrackReitar Police weighs 145kg, and it moves at a maximum speed of 10km/h. 

The dimensions of the police robot are 1000(L) x 780(B) x 1600 (H), which makes it easier to transport. It has a simple design which makes it a powerful tool for protection.

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