TrackReitar Rescue robots

TrackReitar Rescue robot

Rescue robots are designed to help in evacuating injured people during disasters. During disasters such as war and catastrophes, people are at risk of carrying out rescue missions. Rescue teams use robots to perform the most dangerous tasks. For example, they can employ robots to take the injured to safe locations. The robots are equipped with stretchers that can perform the work. Artificial intelligence makes the robots learn about the correct route during the evacuation process. During rescue missions, they use inbuilt programs to move from one location to another.

Designed to challenges

Can be equipped with any equipment and actuators for your tasks.

Highly Customizable


Dimensions 1000(L) x 780(B) x 500 (H)

The robot comes in the dimensions for excellent stability. It can move into tight spaces to remove explosives or perform specific operations. The manufacturers can customize the robots to serve in different applications. Those looking forward to applying the robots in the rescue missions can rely on them to enjoy the best experience as they handle different issues in their lives. The robots are built to achieve the highest stability possible.

Wheelbase 440 mm

The wheelbase is wide enough to allow them to move on different terrains. Sometimes the rescue missions may be carried out on rough terrain. There is no worry about carrying the explosives or the injured people around. The rescue robots come with a broad base that ensures users the best experience handling different rescue missions. They are built to assure users the best experience as they move them around. Get the robots, and they will contribute to making your hard work easest when on a rescue mission. You can rely on artificial intelligence in robotics to achieve great success as you work on a different rescue mission. They are built to assure users the best experience possible.

Weight 120 kg

The robots weigh about 120kg. They are not too heavy to deliver and deploy in different locations. Those interested in having robots that they can carry and deploy in different areas can count on them. They are built to ensure the best experience as they handle different processes. The robots are built to simplify the rescue mission. Buying them is a significant step towards reducing professionals' risk when handling hazardous materials. They are versatile and easy to apply in different applications. Rely on the robots to simplify your rescue missions.

The maximum speed of up to 10 km/h

They are fast to save time. Up to 10km/h makes them highly effective when a rescue mission requires several people. They can be deployed and utilized to accomplish tasks that require several trips. You get your processes simplified after you get the high-quality rescue robots. They are among easy to use robots that will facilitate your rescue missions.

Minimum ground clearance 200 mm

They have enough ground clearance that simplifies the whole process. You can count on high-quality robots, and they will contribute to making the rescue operation in tight terrain runs smoothly. Areas that have been affected by explosives tend to have rough terrain. The ground clearance is enough to move on the surfaces and leave enough ground clearance.

Rated traveling loads 100 kg

The robots can carry an average person. If the rescue mission involves taking individuals to safety, the application of the rescue robot will be a big step. They have the high load-carrying capacity that makes them preferred. They are highly effective when applying them in your everyday rescue missions.

Climbing Capacity 36°

They can be applied on steep slopes. The high angle of climbing makes them very reliable. They can be applied to climb the slopes and overcome the stairs. Many people who use them are pleased because they are designed to simplify the application process. Get them, and they will work to assure you great success when carrying out a rescue mission on steep slopes.

Minimum turning radius 0

They can quickly turn around to allow operations in different locations. A small space is enough to make a turn. The robots are easy to use and highly reliable. You can deploy them to any site, and they will get the job done. Many people recommend them because they are easy to use. The highly reliable robots have been proven to be highly reliable when working on different projects. You can always rely on them to serve you perfectly.

Obstacle Ability 170 mm

If you have an obstacle on the way, they can easily climb over an obstacle about 170mm high. They are reliable robots you can buy, and they will be a great way to simplify your operations. They are built to assure you of the best process possible.

Operating temperature -20 to 60C

The robots can be applied in places where there is high temperature. Some rescue missions involve getting people out of the fire. The highly reliable robots can sustain high temperatures during rescue missions.
TrackReitar Rescue
Trackreitar Rescue

Key Features of TrackReitar Rescue

Rescue robots from LeoTronics robotics come in a well-thought-out design. The design is simple but highly effective during different operations. You can apply the robots, and they will contribute to making you enjoy great success when working on various projects. The easy to adapt platform makes the robots widely applicable. You can apply them in a wide range of applications. They simplify the rescue missions. Some rescue mission is too dangerous. The application of the robots simplifies them.

TrackReitar Universal Platform for search and rescue robots

The search and rescue robots from LeoTronics Robotics are based on a universal platform, TrackReitar. The platform is reliable in making the robots stay stable. You can count on the platform to have a stable and easily manipulated robot. It can be equipped with different features to work in various rescue missions. For example, it can be applied to handle explosives during warfare, among other applications that require special features on the robot.

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