Multifunctional autonomous service robot LeoHelper


The company's latest development LeoHelper autonomous mobile robot is designed to automate the movement of raw materials, finished products, and other goods indoors and create specialized mobile robots on this platform, such as robotic waiters, disinfectors, etc.  The robot meets the parameters of safe interaction and adapts to the premises' complex geometry. Doorways, narrow aisles, and elevators do not hinder its movement. Setting tasks and control is done by entering direct programming code through a web interface.

Great design

Loading, moving and delivering

Ideal for work in the sphere of services


Multifunctional autonomous service robot LeoHelper

LeoTronics significantly focuses on service robots LeoHelper suitable across all business sectors. Such a robot can also be applied in the socio-economic and military spheres.


Essential service robot LeoHelper features


  • Possibility to install engines of different power depending on the requirements

  • Well-thought-out simple design

  • A straightforward adaptation of the service robot LeoHelper for your tasks


Multifunctional autonomous service robot LeoHelper is already being used for a variety of purposes. Recognize the family of modern robots based on LeoHelper: medical robot, police robot, firefighting robot, a delivery robot, and other specific robots in the sphere of influence under their control as one example.


The advantages of service robots LeoHelper are indisputable. It is why LeoTronics software developers used it to develop a different line of robots and RC platforms.


THE MAIN ADVANTAGES OF service robots LeoHelper

Service robot LeoHelper is outfitted with color and thermal camera systems for nighttime operations. To determine its position, the mobile platform robot employs analyzing visual landmarks. To continue operating remotely controlled robots in a complex environment, a highly trained operator or collective of operators is usually required. As a result, these robotic arms can undertake a broad array of functions depending on the company's objectives and the robot's complete set. Remote control platforms are typically controlled via complex wireless communication systems and necessitate a highly trained developer or group of entities to function in a challenging space.


Primary benefits of service robots LeoHelper:

  • Enhancements to transportation and environmental safety,

  • Shortening the time and cost of transporting goods

  • Decrease in fuel usage and problematic substance emissions into the atmosphere

  • The capacity to transport goods in dangerous areas

Usage possibilities

Specific Areas Where Inspector 3D Can be Used

Production logistics. Transport robots perform the function of loading, moving, and delivering raw materials, materials, and finished products in industrial plants.
Robots are tasked with delivering food, assembling laundry, and assisting patients in the medical field.
The sphere of public catering - robots-waiters, food delivery to the tables, and dirty dishes to the sink.
Robots for cleaning - a robot can constantly keep large areas clean.
The domestic sphere. Thanks to the "Follow me" function, the robot can transport personal belongings and pets over short distances.
Promorobots work in the sphere of services and trade.

Advantages of working with us

In-house manufacturing allows the robot to be adapted to your needs
Our R&D department is constantly working on the implementation of new features
The documentation, control programs, interfaces in English
An extensive network of service and warranty partners
Using the best components allows us to provide high quality

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