TrackReitar Universal Platform

trackreitar platform

The combined effect of continuous AI advancement over the last decade and new technologies has resulted in several robotic systems which have saved lives and assisted in industrial and social success.

Possibility to install engines of different power depending on the requirements

Well-thought-out simple design

An easy adaptation of the platform to any payload


This is the specification for the standard configuration. The power of the installed motors and the capacity of the installed battery is set according to the requirements.

trackreitar platform
trackreitar platform
trackreitar platform
trackreitar platform

LeoTronics TrackReitar is a fusion of the newest technologies

LeoTronics significantly focuses on the ground operating robotic platforms suitable across all business and production sectors. Such a robotic platform can also be applied in the socio-economic and military spheres as a byproduct. Assigning tasks such functions to unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), particularly its brilliant representative - the TrackReitar UGV robot from LeoTronics - is among the most one-size-fits-all systems within robotization of heavy, dangerous, or dull work.

Essential robot base platform features

  • Possibility to install engines of different power depending on the requirements

  • Well-thought-out simple design

  • A straightforward adaptation of the platform to any payload


TrackReitar robot platform is outfitted with color and thermal camera systems for nocturnal operations. To determine its position, the mobile platform robot employs analyzing visual landmarks. To continue operating remotely controlled robots in a complex environment, a highly trained operator or collective of operators is usually required. As a result, these robotic devices can undertake a broad array of functions depending on the company's objectives and the robot's complete set. Remote control platforms are typically controlled via complex wireless communication systems and necessitate a highly trained developer or group of entities to function in a challenging space.

In addition, the TrackReitar platform constantly monitors its position in space and records this data in memory. Later on, this mobile robot can repeat the trajectory flawlessly or automatically return to the route's starting point.

Primary benefits of the UGV robotic platform:

Enhancements to transportation and environmental safety
Shortening the time and cost of transporting goods
Decrease in fuel usage and problematic substance emissions into the atmosphere
The capacity to transport goods in dangerous areas, such as during natural and technological catastrophes or defense operations
Carrying out dangerous acts and, as a result, reducing human casualties

Robots, Based On The TrackReitar Platform

UGV robotic platform is already being used for a variety of purposes. Recognize the family of modern robots based on TrackReitar: security robot, medical robot, police robot, firefighting robot, a delivery robot, and other specific robots in the sphere of influence under their control as one example.

Security robots with remote control platforms have been used in oil and natural gas storage sites, facility complexes and enterprises, the energy industry, tourist hotspots and foundations, public facilities, and personal properties. When any robot sensor detects a moving target, it enters the target monitoring method and transmits an alert message to the centralized security post. When there are two or even more patrol robots inside the safe area, they can transfer alarm information with one another. Other track robot platforms are included in the tracking chain in this case.

The advantages of the mobile robot platform are indisputable. That is why LeoTronics software developers used it to develop a different line of robots and RC platforms.

Police Robot

LeoTronics has created a prototype of a tracked-based robotic TrackReitar Shield for the special forces. TrackReitar Shield defends people in charge of keeping order from mechanical influences, bullets, and shrapnel. Remote control of LeoTronics models is possible via a secure communication channel. Thanks to its functionality, this robot serves as reliable protection in the face of riots, terrorist formations, and similar scenarios that are dangerous to human life and health. This movable ballistic shield is more mobile than standard police protection, but it is also more effective, giving special forces soldiers significant tactical advantages.

Medical Robot

The robot is designed to ease medical workers overwhelm, divert qualified employees to much more vital work, and optimize transportation tasks. Its design allows it to transport these most obese patients safely. Mostly in case of a significant incident, the robot will be a vital member of the paramedic's team. The TrackReitar Medic robot offers gentle transportation in harsh environments. Ultrasonic sensors and infrared cameras guide the robot. The injured person is carefully placed on a platform for transportation. A built-in oxygen tank can also be installed and used by the wounded.

Transportation Robot

TrackReitar Transport improves worker safety and provides a cost-effective solution for carrying out cargo delivery in dangerous or complex conditions, so territories must be constantly monitored, and objects must be observed. The robot will perform tasks such as remote video surveillance when transporting dangerous substances without endangering human health or violating safety regulations. It is required to transport hazardous goods and video surveillance at installations with exceptional safety and labor protection requirements.

Firefighting Robot

The particulars of incorporating robots into the firefighting process Engineers at LeoTronics have developed robotic firefighters to extinguish large-scale fires. TrackReitar FFL, the main robot, is outfitted with a high-pressure water and foam nozzle to fight the fire as effectively as possible. A hose reel that firefighters must connect to a water source - a fire engine, hydrant, etc. - allows firefighters to extinguish fires at a distance from the water source and will enable members of the fire brigade to stay far away from the fire. Often, firefighters must extinguish a large and difficult-to-reach fire rather than a localized fire. Simultaneously, it can pull a water-filled hose, which is equivalent to the attempts of several firefighters.

The security system TrackReitar Transport can include

Depth cameras that detect obstructions in the robot's route and smoothly modify the robot's direction without stopping it
Lidars (laser scanners) that allow for 360-degree control of the robot's surroundings
Acoustic signaling equipment, in any event, based on the demands, the robot's appearance, and its functional load may vary

Overall Assessment

TrackReitar is a tracked platform built to perform in the harshest environments: rugged terrain, extreme temperatures, high humidity, and heavy rainfall! With the help of LeoTronics, you will be able to complete any assignment. Inside the TrackReitar, there's plenty of area for various equipment, sensors, and batteries to be installed. You can customize the base platform with any technology and actuators you choose for your tasks. It can be used as a medical robot, a police robot, a firefighting robot, or a delivery robot, among other things.

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