LeoHelper Pets

LeoHelper Pets

LeoHelper Pets is a somewhat unusual robot for the household. Based on the LeoHelper platform, this robot allows you to take your pet with you, whether it's a cat or a dog. The mobile platform features a comfortable cage. You can go for a walk, and this robot will follow you and carry your pet. At the same time, your hands are not busy; you can easily go with your cat to the store or other institution and do not leave your pet on the street without supervision. Moreover, there is no risk that the pet will run away or get into unpleasant situations.

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LeoHelper Pets for your convenience

LeoTronics, having formed a list of the most popular robotic assistants today, analyzed it and concluded that these robots are just necessary for humans. Their functionality is quite voluminous and diverse, which dramatically increases their potential in the daily use of man.


But! There is no such robot among them that can help with pets. And this is a widespread problem for those who have a pet and often find it difficult to plan trips, go to the beach, or just shop at the store.


These outings out of the house in the pets' company are not always feasible. They need to be supervised, sometimes held or leashed. But at the same time, the hands can be busy with shopping bags or suitcases. The attention is focused on other things, such as small children, then a particular carrier robot can come to the rescue.


We created this project with the idea of a pet carrier - a mobile platform that can move around the house and street ideally, passing even over scattered things or rough surfaces if necessary due to the tracked platform, which can even lift the body of the robot when it collides with a more complex texture. Also, a sensor system located at the level of the model's body allows it to navigate in space, notice nearby objects, bypass them, or, if it collides, independently move out of a dead-end after some time.


You can install a cage or make unique fences on the robotic carrier, which will allow the pet to stay safe and not be distracted or hold it in his hands. You can also be sure that your pet will not hit or hurt himself because our carrier robot is always unmistakably oriented in space, chooses the best route, and avoids collisions. In addition, the presence of an advanced suspension system allows you to cope with bumps and never lose stability efficiently.


In addition to this robot, you can easily attach a portable camera, for example, to monitor the location of the child in the house, transmit video information to parents via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or monitor the pets in the absence of the owner.


You can also put suitcases on the platform, put bags of groceries, or move goods in the yard from one point to another.

LeoHelper Pets
LeoHelper Pets

LeoHelper Pets applications

Moreover, these carrier robots with a special cart can be used for other purposes:

  1. As a carrier for transporting various things for household purposes, including suitcases, furniture, books, food, etc.

  2. Carrying out courier deliveries

  3. Carrying goods in warehouses and logistics centers. The mobile robot uses navigation software for independent solving of logistic problems.

  4. Use on construction sites. Innovative engineers develop unique software that allows the robot assistant to work effectively at the construction site. Compared to the same home robots, construction models have much more complex duties and working conditions. Because of this, robotic engineers are developing a new software interface that combines building information modeling with a robotic operating system. This interface handles important streaming information to update a database of obstacles on the construction site that the robot's sensors may have trouble with, allowing it to avoid open elevator shafts. This information helps the robot assistant safely transport heavy construction materials and tools around the construction site. The mobile robot uses electronic controls, lasers, and acceleration and tilt sensors to navigate its constantly changing terrain. It can also follow its "boss" when the follow-me function is activated.


This robot is based on the LeoTronics platform and inherits all its functions. So, it has all AI functions
Due to the use of 3D-lidar and VSLAM technology, the carrier robot is guided unmistakably in space, chooses the best route, and avoids collisions
An advanced suspension system makes it easy to handle bumps and never lose stability
A cloud-based system for robot operation and service

Why do you need this robot?

Your pet now always follows you
Your pet is perfectly safe
Your hands are always free

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