LeoHelper Pets

LeoHelper Pets

LeoHelper Pets is a somewhat unusual robot for the household. Based on the LeoHelper platform, this robot allows you to take your pet with you, whether it's a cat or a dog. The mobile platform features a comfortable cage. You can go for a walk, and this robot will follow you and carry your pet. At the same time, your hands are not busy; you can easily go with your cat to the store or other institution and do not leave your pet on the street without supervision. Moreover, there is no risk that the pet will run away or get into unpleasant situations.

Designed for service

Works for 24 hours

High-quality & intelligence


LeoHelper Pets
LeoHelper Pets


This robot is based on the LeoTronics platform and inherits all its functions. So, it has all AI functions
Due to the use of 3D-lidar and VSLAM technology, the robot is guided unmistakably in space, chooses the best route, and avoids collisions
An advanced suspension system makes it easy to handle bumps and never lose stability
A cloud-based system for robot operation and service

Why do you need this robot?

Your pet now always follows you
Your pet is perfectly safe
Your hands are always free

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