TrackReitar CleanField

TrackReitar CleanField

Thoroughly planned design made as simple as possible.

It can be equipped with night vision systems, video cameras, and other sensors.

The best basis in establishing a solid security system.

LeoTronics robotics presents a model range of cost-effective mine clearance robots designed for humanitarian demining TrackReitar CleanField.
The set of demining robots from LeoTronics is named TrackReitar CleanField and includes three models:

TrackReitar CleanField MH (MineHunter)

TrackReitar CleanField MD (Metal Detector)

TrackReitar CleanField GPR (Ground-Penetrating Radar)

These land mine robots have a simple, thoroughly planned design. They can be equipped with night vision systems, video cameras, and other sensors. The mine detecting robots are rigged with the best components for establishing a reliable security system.

The essential advantages of ThackReitar CleanField robots from LeoTronics

There are about ten manufacturers on the market offering their demining robotics solutions. These heavy, expensive machines show high efficiency in defusing anti-tank mines but low efficiency in combating anti-personnel mines. It is not always possible to use these excellent minesweeping robots because they are not economically viable or cannot be used due to the very high cost of these deminers. In addition, highly qualified, specially trained personnel are required to operate these machines. LeoTronics demining robots occupy the niche of cost-effective, lightweight vehicles for generally humanitarian demining.

Efficiency is achieved by using three models of TrackReitar CleanField robots together and by the ability to use many robots at the same time.

After the TrackReitar CleanField MH disarms anti-personnel mines, the subsequent work is carried out more quickly and efficiently, as there is no risk of damage from landmines. In addition, these demining robots of small size can work in cramped spaces - where a large machine will not pass. The relevance of such bomb disposal robots is confirmed by the research conducted by NATO in the project SPS G5731 Multi-sensor cooperative robots for shallow buried explosive threat detection demining robot.

Cycled Task Solving

The specific TrackReitar CleanField characteristics

All TrackReitar Demining Series robots are built based on the reinforced TrackReitar platform. These demining robots come with a variety of attachments. With such multipurpose features, where the tool-attachment exchange takes only a few minutes, many logistically demanding field operations (materials loading/offloading, terrain leveling, earthmoving, trench digging, etc.) can be resolved. The bomb disposal robots’ system is remotely controlled to ensure maximum safety and security.

TrackReitar CleanField MH (MineHunter)

The first landmine clearing robot in this range was named TrackReitar CleanField MH. MH is the abbreviation for MineHunter. Remotely operated demining robot TrackReitar CleanField MH intended to work primarily in areas contaminated with anti-personnel mines. Also, the minesweeper robot can neutralize tripwire mines without endangering a person. The excellent vehicle can be used both during hostilities and for humanitarian demining. Demining system is characterized by the highest speed and efficiency in clearing anti-personnel mines, tripwire mines, and explosive remnants of war.
Mine clearance systems are intended for the destruction of anti-personnel and unexploded ordnance. TrackReitar MH can perform some engineering in addition to demining.
The land mine robot is a rotating working body brought forward to which dozens of chains with loads are attached. Such a machine efficiently neutralizes anti-personnel mines, destroying them or causing them to detonate.

TrackReitar CleanField MD (Metal Detector)

The second landmine detecting robot from this range is TrackReitar CleanField MD (Metal Detector). This machine has a unique metal detecting sensor designed to find mines. TrackReitar CleanField MD can detect and provide 2D images of objects on or under the ground. Metal detectors are considered the most reliable sensors for mine detection operations.

TrackReitar CleanField GPR (Ground-Penetrating Radar)

The third demining robot is TrackReitar CleanField GPR, equipped with Ultrawideband impulse Ground-Penetrating Radar. The mine mapping robot is intended to detect and define coordinates of subsurface objects with electrical properties that differ from the surrounding soil. The primary purpose of the minesweeping robot is to see plastic anti-personnel mines (APMs) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Plastic APMs cannot be detected by metal detectors (MDs). IEDs are difficult to defend against because they can be made in different ways, using materials intended to shield them from detection. The best tool for such dangerous things is ground-penetrating radar.


trackreitar cleanfield
trackreitar cleanfield
trackreitar cleanfield
trackreitar cleanfield

The significant benefits of ThackReitar CleanField robots from LeoTronics

High cost-efficiency

Ability to repair in the field

Significant increase in mine clearing speed

Versatility - robots can be used to perform other tasks due to the possibility of equipping with interchangeable equipment


well-thought-out simple adjustable design
quick-change battery pack
multi-band communications
extremely accurate positioning with Madgwick IMU algorithm
intuitive operation

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