TrackReitar FireFighting

TrackReitar FireFighting

Firefighter Robots TrackReitar FFL from LeoTronics

As the world faces new technological advancements every day, the fine line between physical and virtual worlds meets. Digital ecosystems are being created, and the world economy transfers to the most recent technological trends. Robotics is one of these technological trends. With the help of artificial intelligence, the likes of universal robots and intelligent robots are completely venturing the market. 

Fight a fire efficiently!

Ready when you are!

Hit the target!

The LeoTronics Firefighting robot TrackReitar FFL

TrackReitar is built to perform in the most extreme conditions: uneven terrain, extreme heat and cold, high humidity, and even rain are not a problem! With Leotronics' help, you will be able to complete any work. It has plenty of area inside for all different sensors. Any equipment and controller for your operations can be added to the base platform. The continuous momentum of artificial intelligence development has helped people's lives. It has saved many lives and delivered success to many fields, especially in critical infrastructure facilities. With the growing demand to improve the quality of saving lives, firefighters need innovation. With the help of Firefighter Robot TrackReiter FFL from LeoTronics, not only will lives be saved, but also the firefighters themselves. 

LeoTronics Robotics' lightweight TrackReitar FFL firefighting robot is vital for various firefighting services, particularly for immediate firefighting necessities. The robot's distinguishing characteristics are its compact size and being lightweight. At the same time, the robot has a water cannon with a capacity ranging to 4800 l/min, a top speed of 10 km/h, and is surrounded by a sophisticated artificial intelligence system. FFL may now serve automatically, choosing the better and more effective fire control technique thanks to AI TrackReitar. 

It has a well-thought-out, easily adjustable design, a quick-change battery pack, a powerful water cannon, and an autonomous robot mode. The installed motors' power and the fitted battery's capacity are configured according to the needs. 

The FireFighter Robot TrackReitar FFL is 1000 x 780 x 360 mm in size, with a 440 mm wheelbase and a 145 kg weight. It has a top speed of 10 km/h, a baseline ground clearance of 200 mm, a rated traveling load of 100 kg, and a 36-degree climbing capability. This includes a minimal turning radius of 0 mm, a 170 mm obstacle clearance, and a 65 °C working temperature.

The Major Benefits of Firefighter TrackReitar FFL

Working efficiently in a hazardous environment is an essential consideration for firefighters. Firefighters have to mainly deal with fires, whether these are minor or major. On top of it, people's lives are also at stake in this job. People affected are not the only ones affected by fires, especially if it is severe. 

There are numerous accounts of firefighters dying or getting injuries on duty. For the sake of these harmful and dangerous situations at their work, the Firefighter Robot TrackReitar FFL is designed to minimize the problematic risks of putting out fires. There are codes of conduct for firefighting robots, and make sure that you are ready to use them! The stability and self-testing of all systems and the recording of events in a database on a distant server ensure readiness. The robot can pinpoint the source of the fire and use a water jet to extinguish it. Guidance sensors in the IR wavelengths determine coordinates in 3D space. A particular set of algorithms is utilized to compute the jet's ballistic trajectory. 

It is important not to overfill. After a brief attack, extinguishing should be halted to avoid introducing the guarded object to excessive water and extinguishing only if the burning continues. Water is solely delivered in the fire, preventing damage from water exposure in regions not affected by the fire. The predicted trajectory of the jet may not match the characteristics of the fire source due to the impact of external factors such as wind and pressure change. Therefore, if the jet's divergence from the ignition source is detected, the jet's guidance is continuously corrected.

Safety Precautions

In the event of a wildfire, a firefighting robot's functions may be lost or substantially compromised. 100% duplication and a strong separation of operational controls are used to obtain higher durability. Another robot replaces a damaged robot. If the automatic control system fails, the system switches to remote mode; if the remote control fails, the system switches to manual mode. 

The firefighting robot must also watch for the changing fire situation and respond appropriately based on the fire characteristics. 

For more important information, you may request more information from LeoTronics.

Significant benefits of Firefighter Robot TrackReitar FFL

It fights a fire proficiently

Allows you to identify where the fire is coming from precisely

Ensures standardizing intensity of irrigation recognized by the law "On Fire Safety."

This is always best used to prevent rather than fight a fire

Provides observation in the infrared range

Two control modes: remote control and standalone operation

Robots have a service life of 10 years

Their continuous updates can be preserved in their functionality within the stated time frame

Well-thought-out simple adjustable design
Quick-change battery pack
Powerful water cannon
Autonomous robot mode


This is the specification for the standard configuration. The power of the installed motors and the capacity of the installed battery is set according to the requirements.

TrackReitar FireFighting
TrackReitar FireFighting

Specification of the Oscillating RC controlled Fire Monitor TR-4800

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