The LeoRanger is a complete electric tracked vehicle for a wide range of applications. While working on tracked robots, such as firefighting robots, our team encountered a keen interest in the potential of such vehicles for recreational and home care applications. In particular, our robots have aroused great interest among the rugged inhabitants of Scandinavian countries, skiing, and extreme sports enthusiasts. High versatility, together with a compact size and electric engine, makes this tiny vehicle an excellent solution for various purposes.

All-Season All-Road

Environmentally friendly

Intuitive Handling

LeoRanger – an All-Season All-Road Electric Mini-Tank You’re Gonna Love

Have trouble moving across land in winter? Need a compact towing vehicle? Or maybe you just want to cruise around your property with style? LeoRanger is the answer to all three questions. High versatility, together with a compact size and electric engine, makes this tiny vehicle an excellent solution for various purposes. Let’s have a quick overview of its capabilities and applications


LeoRanger is one of those things you’ve never thought you’d need. It takes what similar vehicles offer and improves upon it, delivering the ultimate driving experience regardless of the terrain. Instead, it’s designed to extend your natural capabilities than serve as a vehicle. The electric vehicle is packed with top-notch electronics, efficient batteries, and rubberized tracks. It doesn’t take long to charge, and the metal framing keeps you safe from collisions.


This is the specification for the standard configuration. The power of the installed motors and the capacity of the installed battery is set according to the requirements.


The main areas of application of the LeoRanger

Recreation, outdoor activities

Many outdoor enthusiasts have mastered all kinds of vehicles, such as snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. Now they have the opportunity to experience new sensations with this small tank.

LeoRanger as a robotic helper

Many are familiar with such helpers as power tillers, snowblowers, lawnmowers, etc. Now our engineers are working on equipping this incredible machine with various interchangeable attachments for heavy-duty jobs, whether it's clearing snowdrifts, clearing areas, or transporting heavy objects. The tracked chassis makes it possible to work in the most challenging conditions.

Off-road vehicles for the disabled

The LeoRanger is equipped with a unique chair with a verticalizer that allows people with disabilities to stand upright. It has a built-in electric drive, so all you have to do is push a button and be strapped in, and the chair lifts the person into an upright position. This is of great importance for a person with disabilities; it is his infrastructure and the opportunity to live a whole life. With a device like this, new opportunities are opening up for him. As people who have been deprived of these little pleasures say, it is now possible to do chores, whether painting a gate, trimming a grape, or picking an apple from a tree. And most importantly, it is an opportunity to experience the feeling of speed and pleasure from doing many jobs on your own.


Our consumer robot division creates all-electric special vehicles with crawler drive in various capacities. The development engineering center is located in Krupina, Slovakia. A team of qualified engineers successfully solves problems that at times seem unsolvable due to conflicting system requirements. Such a versatile all-weather all-season vehicle requires many unconventional solutions. Ensuring high quality and design standards has the highest priority.

Intuitive Handling

Perhaps the best part about LeoRanger is the controls. If you’re already familiar with tracked vehicles or computer games, it’ll hardly take more than an hour to get the hang of it. If not, half a day of practice will be enough to make a skilled operator out of you. That’s because the electric vehicle has only one joystick for steering, no clutches, and no pedals. On top of that, you can control it remotely. Simply driving the machine is satisfying, and once you start using it for utility purposes, you’ll start wondering how you’ve been managing all this time without it.

The Benefits of LeoRanger

In the overall perspective, it’s a winner in the compact tracked vehicle category, and if you take a closer look at the pros of this electric vehicle, you get to see why

It goes anywhere. You'd be surprised when it comes to all-terrain travel capability, considering its size. The vehicle quickly moves on the ice and climbs slopes
It’s accessible. The vehicle gives people with disabilities the freedom of movement and the capabilities to perform tasks they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. Thanks to its design and rudimentary controls, the electric vehicle is easy to get in and out of and handle
It has a neat design. LeoRanger looks quite serious for its size, somewhat futuristic, though appropriate. The framing gives some potential for customization
It’s simple to maintain. All you need to do is charge the batteries and wash the tracks from time to time
It’s environmentally friendly. The machine is emission-free and quiet, so your neighbors won’t hear you driving around. Apart from that, LeoRanger is ready to transport and tow stuff all year round. It will cope with sand, mud, snow, water, and pretty much everything nature throws at it.


Well-thought-out simple design
An easy adaptation of the platform to any payload
Possibility to install engines of different power depending on the requirements
Twice control: joystick and RC control
All-season electrical vehicle
Low maintenance
Accessible for disabled people

Consumer demands

There are the following requirements for these machines

As a result, we decided to underscore a range of different tracked robotic vehicles for a wide range of customers

Operating an electric LeoRanger

These machines cannot be called full-fledged robots, as there is no fully autonomous operation mode. LeoRanger provides control in two ways

The machine is equipped with ergonomic controls, and a human controls the movement with a joystick
The machine is controlled by remote control

These two methods can also be combined, e.g., the joystick is used as an individual vehicle. At the same time, the machine is operated by remote control when it is used as a robotic assistant


As for portability, LeoRanger easily fits into a pull-behind trailer if you have a ramp for it. But depending on the distances you need to travel, you may not need a trailer at all since the machine has an impressive range, runs fast, and overcomes steep slopes like a snap.

Sum Up

While LeoRanger isn’t an all-in-one solution for all driving, carrying, and towing-related tasks, it’s a sturdy, easy-to-drive vehicle that has a lot of potential. It doesn’t require much maintenance, charges quickly, and handles more accessible than a go-cart.

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