LeoHelper Warehouse

LeoHelper Warehouse

Warehouse robots are robots designed for warehouse operations. There are many varieties but also complex warehouse automation solutions involving, for example, industrial manipulators, mobile robotic carts, palletizers, etc. LeoTronics presents its solution based on the LeoHelper platform for this application - LeoHelper Warehouse.

Designed for service

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LeoHelper Warehouse
LeoHelper Café


This warehouse automation robot is based on the LeoTronics platform and inherits all its functions. So, it has all AI functions.
Due to the use of 3D-lidar and VSLAM technology, the robot is guided unmistakably in space, chooses the best route, and avoids collisions.
An advanced suspension system makes it easy to handle bumps and never lose stability
A cloud-based system for warehouse robot operation and service

Why LeoHelper Warehouse Robot is a good investment

LeoHelper Warehouse can solve staff availability problems
The robot never gets tired, goes on sick leave, or asks for days off
An investment in a warehouse robot pays for itself in less than a year

Nowadays, the task of process automation is penetrating deeper and deeper into various production areas. And one of the areas with excellent automation potential is the interaction of processes in warehouses.

One method that allows for automation in this area is creating a robotic warehouse system that automates actions performed in warehouses, such as loading, moving around the warehouse area, and unloading cargo, planning the optimal placement of load on the warehouse racks.

The methods employed in the past are no longer practical. For example, manual receipt of goods leads to many errors and irrational use of space. Accordingly, the productivity and efficiency of employees cannot be high. Warehouse work is often associated with routine, but today even routine operations must be carried out with the utmost care.

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