TrackReitar Transport

Trackreitar Transport

TrackReitar Transport may just be the answer to cutting down the time and costs needed to deliver goods in challenging environments. It's a transport robot that LeoTronics developed. It runs on artificial intelligence, which will definitely be helpful for business, defense forces, and emergency services.


Unlike all known delivery robots, the robot from LeoTronics can perform delivery functions in the most adverse conditions thanks to the high cross-country capability of the tracked chassis and durable frame. The robot delivery vehicle can move on ice and snow, off-road, and in any weather. However, the said logistic robot is not limited to only one purpose. Because of its different study design, except that it can withstand various kinds of terrains. It will be an all-in-one assistant for your tasks.

With the following features of the LeoTronics Medical Aid Robots, it is easy and efficient to use on challenging rescue operations

Designed to challenges

Highly Customizable

An easy adaptation of the platform to any payload


To better understand the offers of TrackReitar Transport, here is a list of the specifications that you need to know about its standard configuration

Note that all of the robot's components run through quality control. It can also be subject to change depending on the company's current requirements.

trackreitar transport
Trackreitar Transport
trackreitar transport
Trackreitar Transport

How to Use?

As we previously said, using the TrackReitar Transport is easy. You can choose from three methods: RC control, manual programming, and the "Follow Me" feature. All of these involve setting a specific route for the intelligent robot to follow. If you choose manual programming, you will have to mark your desired location through an electronic site map. Treat it as a mini GPS that your robot will use as a guide. This is ideal if you know the exact coordinates you want your parcels delivered to. For those that don't know the specific address, then the "Follow Me" feature will be the better choice between the two. You will need to travel to the destination through this mode, and the robot will follow you.


TrackReitar will then save the electronic path you both took for future references. Next time you want to deliver to the exact location, you can choose the secure way conveniently. Again, when not in use, store the robot in your trailer, trunk, or storage.

Features of TrackReitar Transport

For an overview, the robot is a medium-sized, portable machine made from the best materials. You can easily manage all functions of this incredible robot. It can also be stored in the trunk of your SUV if you don't have additional space in your garage. There will be no other requirements in terms of storage needs.
TrackReitar Transport consists of advanced features yet an easy-to-understand design. It has a straightforward layout, so there will be no need to worry about complicated usage.
The robot also comes with environment-friendly features. It's equipped with an engine with low thermal and noise footprint levels. This won't be prone to overheating, nor will it contribute to noise pollution. You can also expect it to have a lower carbon footprint because of the said qualities.
Another thing worth noting about the TrackReitar Transport is that it can withstand extreme climate conditions. Rain or shine, rocky or smooth, expect that your cargo will be able to reach the specified location. Probably the only limitation will revolve around large-scale natural disasters.
You can expect the TrackReitar Transport to come in three kinds of packages when bought. The first is the basic package, which includes the tracked base, charger, and control panel. The second one is more advanced and will come with the tracked base, control software, server for video streaming, and charger.
The artificial intelligence robot at hand also has customizable features. Depending on what you think will contribute to your needs, you can avail of additional sensors, functions, and actuators.

Examples of areas where robots can be used:

Military and defense
Emergency services
Delivery of goods in hazardous locations, such as areas contaminated by mines and unexploded ordnance
Cross-country delivery tasks

The TrackReitar Transport is an intelligent robot that will allow you to transport goods to and from your destination. It's easy to use, so you can rest assured that you can use it even without hiring a professional. What makes it even better is its portability. Despite being multi-functional, you can easily store it in your car's trunk when not in use. Overall, getting the mobile robot will surely be an excellent addition to your current tools. With it, you won't ever need to hire several couriers or buy many motorcycles just to deliver your goods around.

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