LeoHelper Clean

LeoHelper Clean - the cleaning robot

LeoHelper Clean

LeoHelper Clean is one of the most recent developments in the market. It has sophisticated features and design, and thus it is ideal for public and home use. The robot cleaner will be pretty helpful when we expect some routine cleaning work to get done. LeoHelper is programmed to clean the floor independently by overcoming obstacles, avoiding them, and detecting minor stains with precision cleaning mechanisms. In short, it does a thorough job of not leaving any dirt on the floor. It is built with intelligent technology that helps to ensure that it gives its users the much-needed convenience it requires.

Designed for cleanliness

Work for 24 hours without human involvement

Сovers a large area in no time


leohelper pobot
leohelper clean

What Features Makes this autonomous mobile robot (AMR) quite outstanding?

LeoHelper Clean is quite an exceptional AMR that cleans the floor without supervision. It does not only detect the dirt on its own but also removes it. This robot cleaner has a sophisticated navigation system that allows it to adjust to changing obstacles without hindrance. It can move in every direction and perform different functions as well. Thus, you can leave this modern robot to clean your home or office on its own. LeoHelper Cleaner is a highly affordable service robot with many outstanding features. This machine is quite a durable and sturdy piece that can offer you high efficiency. It is designed to carry heavy loads as well. The expert professionals have made every possible effort to make this valuable robot for you in any situation.


The robot is also equipped with a very sophisticated inbuilt navigation system, which will guide it to its points. Several work modes are available, such as garbage collection and mopping. These functions ensure the maintenance of order over large areas. And guarantees you the total value of every penny you spend.

How Will LeoHelper Benefit You?

LeoHelper Clean robot has a lot of benefits to offer you. The main advantage is that it does not require any supervision or hard work from your side. This intelligent robot cleaner can move at a speed of 5,5 km/h and can cover a large area in no time.


Another advantage is that the robot can update information about the environment with the changing obstacles without facing any problems. Thus, the sophisticated technology and innovative features make your business the best addition.


The most important aspect is that LeoHelper can work for 24 hours without significant interruption without human involvement. You do not have to spend much on the maintenance of this robot. The technology used in its manufacturing is highly advanced, and it is thoroughly tested too for making sure that you get the best out of it.

Why is Robotics Automation the Future?

Robotic automation is gaining quite a lot of momentum nowadays. This will help the industry to reduce the labor force. Thus, it can focus on high-value addition tasks that further boost productivity and enhance revenue generation. The companies will benefit from using these technologies within their setup, so they have started extensively deploying these systems. Your business will benefit from a lot of convenience and time saving from this intelligent robot system. Robotic automation will increase the capacity, but it will also help the companies reduce their cost of force and provide them with high-quality performance. Robotics automation offers massive scope for better work process organization from all of this. This will make the production line more streamlined, and the output will be of high quality.


LeoHelper Clean is a new service robot designed for cleanliness. It is a handy machine that can efficiently clean the floor without supervision and any hassles. The company behind its manufacturing has made every effort to make it better in every possible way to help people by ridding a person of difficult routine work. Thus, it is high time to incorporate this intelligent system into your business and gain convenience.

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