Universal tracked platform TrackReitar for various field complex environments from Leotronics.
Made in Slovakia, Europe.


  • Dimensions: 1030 x 800 x 400 mm
  • Wheelbase 360 mm
  • Obstacle ability 170 mm
  • Weight 135 kg
  • Rated travelling load: 120 kg (standard), options up to 200 kg
  • Operating temperature -20...+60°C (standard)
  • Maximum speed 10 km/h
  • Charger AC220-240V
  • Charging time 6...7h (standard)
  • Battery 48V30Ah (standard)
  • Motor power 2 x 650 W (standard)
  • Designed to challenges!
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  • The tracked platform TrackReitar is designed to work in the most difficult conditions: rough terrain, high and low temperatures, high humidity, precipitation is not a hindrance! You will resolve any task with Leotronics' assistance.
  • Highly Customizable!
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  • There is plenty of room inside the TrackReitar to add all kinds of sensors. The basic platform can be equipped with any equipment and actuators for your tasks. The Firefighter Robot TrackReitar FFL from Leotronics is entering the fishing line, for example.
  • Choose your package!
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  • Leotronics offers the following configurations now:
    1. Basic configuration includes tracked chassis TrackReitar Base, control panel, charger.
    2. Research platform includes tracked chassis TrackReitar Base, charger, video streaming server, remote control software.
    3. A customizable platform for your applications.
  • Great design!
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  • The design of Leotronics' robots will bring you a lot of positive emotions. You will make an amazing impression on your partners and clients.


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