Classification of modern special mobile robots and their application

The ability to defend a person when he performs a specific activity in conditions dangerous to his health and life is increasingly in demand in the world.

In the modern, globalized world, where acts of terrorism and violence are increasingly occurring in all parts of the planet Earth, the use of special autonomous mobile robots, including robots developed by LeoTronics R&D, protect health and literally saves the lives of firefighters, deminers, police officers and militaries ... every day. Such modern special robots can be classified as follows:

  • fire robots (we have offers for various purposes);
  • robots for working in a radioactive environment; -
  • robots for work in a chemically polluted environment;
  • robots for security and protection services;
  • military robots.

We design special mobile robots, and robotic platforms with an electric or hybrid drive of a modular type - the combination of different modules allows one robot to solve several disparate functions using a universal robotic platform.

Special robots designed by our R&D department for firefighters, sappers, security and order protection services, special units operate in three possible modes:

  • manual mode of remote control through radio, wired or optical control from a safe distance;
  • semi-automatic mode of remote control of the robot;
  •  fully automatic mode of operation of a special robot with the possibility of remote correction of its mission by the operator.