LeoTronics provides innovative solutions in robotics

Our AI-powered TrackReitar UGV robotic platforms works in the most challenging environments.

TrackReitar UGV platform

The TrackReitar UGV platform combines robotics know-how and artificial intelligence through extensive research and testing in challenging environments. The TrackReitar platform provides faster, more cost-effective, and flexible solutions for the commercial and government sectors. Сivil engineering, security, and especially fire and rescue services are some of the spheres for applications. The TrackReitar platform is ideal for industries looking to eliminate physical risk for their employees and benefit from process automation.

Rescue robots and robotic systems based on TrackReitar platforms are developing by the LeoTronics R&D team to provide a reliable and flexible modular solution with rescue-specific functions in semi-automatic and autonomous automatic modes. The modular platform is capable of handling harsh operating conditions and withstanding overloads. Robots based on the TrackReitar robotic platform can work in inhuman and too dangerous conditions for people in hard-to-reach locations for oversized vehicles for professional firefighters and rescuers. TrackReitar can change functionality on-site due to modular design and a wide range of accessories.

Fire robot TrackReitar FFL

The firefighting UGV on the TrackReitar platform is equipped with a modern RC-controlled high-performance water/foam monitor. The maximum flow rate is 4800 l / min. TrackReitar FFL is designed for firefighting in particularly difficult for humans and inhuman conditions. This modern firefighting robot is indispensable for extinguishing industrial fires, tunnels, fires or chemical warehouses, fires in the oil and gas industry, forest fires, and other types of fires. This powerful firefighting robot works as a reliable lifesaving assistant to professional firefighters in extinguishing fires in dangerous and hard-to-reach places.

Fire robot TrackReitar FFK

This robot on the versatile TrackReitar platform acts like a fire hose cartridge and saves firefighters time and effort. TrackReitar FFK takes the laying of a fire hose from the base fire truck to the fire site and makes this hard job 2.5 times faster! This helps to start the process of extinguishing the fire much quicker.

Rescue vehicle TrackReitar Rescue

TrackReitar Rescue is designed to transport required materials, tools, and equipment to help firefighters, medics, rescuers, and other professionals in their specific missions.

TrackReitar UGV platform

TrackReitar UGV platform is a modern, economical and flexible modular solution for practical applications in many business and industrial sectors. For example, in mining operations, a robot helps keep workers away from dangerous places, protect their lives from increased risk, and save owners time and energy.

TrackRaitar can work as a remote-controlled, semi-autonomous, or semiautonomous robot to operate in hazardous locations. Also, this UGV can be used to transport specific equipment and dangerous materials. TrackReitar Inspector 3D TrackReitar Inspector 3D research model can explore underground or other hard-to-reach or dangerous places. For example, determining the state of mines, bridges, basements, etc. This state-of-the-art robot uses artificial intelligence, 3D LiDAR, depth cameras, and other sensors to generate a 3D map of the surrounding area.

TrackReitar Transport

TrackReitar Transport is the ideal logistics tool for mining and construction companies to deliver equipment and materials in mines and other specific conditions.