The principle of the TrackReitar FFL firefighting robot

It's no secret that the job of a firefighter is risky. However, some fires are so dangerous that a person can't do anything with them. All that is left is to contain the fire so that it does not spread further, particularly in the cases of extensive warehouse fires, forest fires, fires in chemical and oil, and gas plants. Such fires can be incredibly destructive and spread clouds of toxic smoke dozens of kilometers away. That is why the LeoTronics team offers a relatively safe way for humans to deal with such disasters in their innovative firefighting robotTrackReitar FFL.

So, let's review the principle of the TrackReitar FFL extinguishing robot. The robot independently reaches the fire and returns upon its completion. It is equipped with a high-performance fire monitor, easily connected to a fire hose, and effectively copes with fires of any complexity. TrackReitar FFL is sheathed on the outside with metal and composite panels, which allows it to extinguish a fire under conditions of high heat radiation. It can be equipped with GPS navigation, an odometer system, and laser sensors; thus, TrackReitar FFL can autonomously navigate the fire site. It quickly drives around hitches, overcomes roughness, steps, can chart alternative routes. The robot works effectively in thick smoke and dense dust conditions and protects firefighters from risks to their lives and health. Consequently, firefighters can spend their energy more efficiently in high-risk environments.

The TrackReitar FFL could function in autonomous, semi-automatic modes and remote control devices. In the latter case, the firefighters control the robots remotely and control the environment through protected video cameras, thermal imagers, and environmental sensors. A robust robot can be equipped with dedicated 360-degree view devices, stereo camera systems, and intelligent software. It is also worth noting the successful field tests of TrackReitar FFL with the Slovak fire service specialists, on which LeoTronics robot put their best foot forward. Learn more about the TrackReitar FFL robot!