LeoTronics Firefighting Robots prevent losses from Industrial fires

Industrial fires and explosions cost companies and governments billions of dollars every year, not to mention the loss of life, which cannot be described in monetary terms.

According to the most recent fire statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): - An average of 37,000 fires occur at industrial and manufacturing properties every year.

These incidents result in:

  • 18 civilian deaths,
  • 279 civilian injuries, and
  • $1 billion in direct property damage.

These disasters happen for many reasons, often because managers and employees can't eliminate the fire as early as possible.

Mobile fire fighting robots prevent industrial fires

Mobile firefighting robots equipped with early fire detection can prevent more than 80% of such fires. LeoTronics Firefighting robots TrackReitar FFL are firefighting mobile robots that fire safety managers or firefighters can remotely control, but they also have the AI (artificial intelligence) to work independently.

Firefighting robots like TrackReitar FFL from LeoTronics Robotics have a fire monitor with a capacity of up to 4,800 liters/minute that can be used to fight industrial fires and thermal cameras with AI providing fire detection. The firefighting robot fleet from LeoTronics covers all safety aspects. It can be used for fire prevention in cargoes and ships, firefighting in fire-risk areas, fire safety in extensive facilities such as refineries and chemical plants, firefighting at airports, and fire protection of drill rigs.

LeoTronics firefighting robot abilities

In the event of an industrial fire, firefighting robots can:

  • Reach fire areas where it is difficult or impossible for people to go;
  • Quickly extinguish the fire; Help keep people safe;
  • Reduce property damage.

Advantages of TrackReitar FFL Firefighting Robots

TrackReitar FFL firefighting robots from LeoTronics have many advantages over traditional firefighting methods: Robots never get tired and can work round the clock; Weather conditions do not influence robots; Robots can be used in hazardous areas where people cannot go; Robots can pinpoint the source of fire and help put it out quickly. Our robots can cover a larger area than firefighters or humans because they will not get tired and not be hurt by the fire or smoke. The firefighting robot is also perfect for companies that want to minimize their physical presence on the production site.

The TrekReitar FFL fire fighting mobile robot with a monitor capacity of 4,800 liters/minute is indispensable in critical infrastructure facilities, often located next to administrative buildings where people work. Since fire fighting robots are operated remotely, they can keep the pressure at essential emergency facilities of infrastructure round-the-clock. Fire managers can minimize fire losses and keep their workers safe thanks to the fire fighting robots.

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