Universal UGV TrackReitar from LeoTronics

Now the fourth industrial revolution is sweeping around the entire world. The whole point is that the material world is connected with the virtual one. As a result - new cyber-physical systems unite into one digital ecosystem. The economy is shifting to a new technological trend based on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and robotic systems. The main objective of using them is to release a person from tedious routine work, improve the quality of life, and create a new level of production organization.

LeoTronics TrackReitar as a fusion of the newest technologies

The combination of success in social and industrial fields. As a result, there is an increased interest in land-based mobile systems in all production and business sectors and the social and military sphere. And one of the most one-size-fits-all solutions in the roboticization of heavy, dangerous, or monotonous work is to delegate such tasks to unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), particularly to its bright representative - the TrackReitar UGV robot from LeoTronics.

The main advantages of UGV

So, the class of these robots can perform a wide range of functions, depending on the customer's objectives and the complete set of the robot. UGVs can be either remotely controlled (that is, guided by a remote operator or a decision-maker) or, more or lesser, autonomous (that is, able to work independently within their task and make independent decisions based on software).

Remotely controlled robots are usually handled through complex wireless communications and typically require a specially trained operator or group of operators to act in a complex space.

TrackReitar UGV is equipped with color cameras and thermal сameras for night operations. The video surveillance system allows you to identify people on other grounds and air transport. The robot uses the method of analyzing visual landmarks to determine its position. . During each automatic passage along a route, the robot compares the milestones in its memory with the surrounding area and, if necessary, makes adjustments. Such a model makes it possible to correlate and supplement the available information about the route, depending on seasonal changes, time of day, and weather conditions.

The main advantages of UGV are:

  • improvement of transport and environmental safety;
  • reduction of time and costs for carriage of goods;
  • reduction of fuel consumption, emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
  • the ability to transport goods in hazardous areas, during natural and technological disasters or defense actions;
  • execution of dangerous acts and, as a result, minimization of human casualties.

Robots, based on the TrackReitar platform

Already, UGV is actively used for multiple purposes. As one of the examples, consider the active distribution of patrol robots designed to guard large-area objects and identify outside moving objects on the territory under their control. Security UGV robots have been applied in oil and gas storage facilities, warehouse complexes and enterprises, energy industry, coastal zones of tourist areas and bases, country and individual houses. If the robot detects a moving object, it automatically switches to target tracking mode and sends an alarm signal to the central security post.

If there are two or more patrol robots in the protected area, they can exchange information about the alarm with each other. In this case, other robots are also included in the chain of tracking a suspicious object. TrekReitar Inspector 3D is a prominent representative of this class of robots.

The benefits of UGV are undeniable. That is why LeoTronics engineers took it as a basis for developing a line of our robots: firefight robots TrackReitar FFL and TrackReitar FFK, automated shield for security and defense officials TrackReitar Police, robotic platform for transportation of casualties TrackReitar Medic/Defense, robot-explorer TrackReitar Inspector 3D, deminer TrackReitar MineHunter, transporter TrackReitar Transport, robot-manipulator TrackReitar UGV for business and other innovative robotic technologies. You can look through the automatic mechanisms of our development by the link.