Artificial intelligence: it’s not a separate world

We humans always strive to seek the best thing we can have. It’s no wonder if after harnessing the power of fire, creating the wheel, and discovering how to do electrical work for us, despite its risks of hurting us. If you look at it, it didn’t deter us from climbing to the top and allowed us to dominate the entire world like never before.

We have always been so engrossed in creating a tool or an implement that would allow us to be always more productive. Our innate ability to ask if there is always something better has ultimately led us to establish this society and make them work to achieve a common goal.

Our fascination with a machine that could think on itself was always embedded in our consciousness. We humans are not known to be just contented with whatever it is that’s in front of us. There is always room for how to make something better, and that is what led us to create something that would finally think like us, the AI.

Artificial Intelligence made everything super easy

It always occurred to us that we are destined for something great. Our knowledge now is a conglomeration of collected information that was carefully kept for ages and written on every page of history as we know it now.

The ancient Greeks were already toying with the idea of something that automates. Since they don’t have the technology yet, they presented it in the form of a myth Talos or Talon. It says: that Talon was giant automation made of bronze that protected Europa from invaders. This Talon circles the island three times daily.

Then in the 1940s, when we discovered that we could interpret machines, and make them talk to us by learning to correlate 1s and 0s has finally led us to break the barrier of what was once viewed as impossible.

Fast forward, we developed computers and other systems that became intelligent because they can perform calculations and computations at blazing speeds and with astonishing accuracy.

And from then on, AI slowly emerge and helped us make things simpler and faster. Finally, we created a highly intelligent system that mimics our ability to think, analyze, solve and take actions based on objective observation.

Statistics, mathematics, science, economics, and almost all other fields have become much easier because an AI works patiently with humans in the background. AI was instrumental in computing and interpreting those numbers so we can see its relevance in making a much better society compared to what it was before.

It’s hard to imagine going to where we are heading if we’re not able to harness the potential of an intelligent artificial intelligence that helps us mold the future to what it is now. It’s safe to say that we haven’t yet reached the ultimate pinnacle on what an AI could do, but one thing is certain, we continue to see tons of advancements.

Our close relationship with our towering creation

Artificial Intelligence has allowed us to develop innovations that would be impossible if AI was not around. We have always been so fascinated with automation. We humans dislike so many repetitive tasks. The moment we gain mastery of something, it always bored us to death to do something every day that no longer entails a challenge.

AI allowed us to improve robotics. We have now mobile robots that can do work for us, which we fear doing because of the dangers that come with it. Artificial intelligence has allowed us to increase our production and satisfy more people's needs.

AI has led us to create a car that will drive by itself. It’s that AI was instrumental in why we finally send people to space a few more often compared to yesterday. Truly AI has made us a better steward of the world we live in.

Our future and beyond with AI on our side

It’s quite difficult for today to tell what our future hold with the AI would exactly that we have now. People tend to vary in their opinions. In every corner, you’ll hear opposing sides on; what the future would bring considering the advancements of artificial intelligence.

Some would argue that AI would one day put a large portion of the population out of work. As you can observe some are hesitant to partner with AI because they fear that it will one day replace all jobs, which they used to do comfortably for a long time.

It's hard not to be sympathetic to their concerns, but if there is a side of the coin that will make jobs scarce, then there is also a side that will create a new set of knowledge, which will eventually lead to a new kit of job descriptions.

AI would one day offer new tools, new solutions, new lines of business that would open up new opportunities for the next generations. We fear now that AI may make many things obsolete, but one thing is also specific, it also opens up new opportunities - that if we can capitalize, I’m sure, we’re like riding the waves.

We are now interacting with AI in the workplace

It seems like a far-fetched yesterday that we watched films where humans and mechanical created beings were interacting. But AI made it a reality. The contribution of AI in giving us development, economic and social benefits is remarkable.

We are moving progressively forward; it allows us to understand things around us better. It seems - that technology is developing much faster because now we have AI that will help us think, plan, strategize, and achieve all our goals.

Moving forward has produced issues we need to tackle and resolve. Yes, we understand that there would always be implications as technology continue to make our society moves towards more modern ways.

By now, AI is offering us endless opportunities and, as well as challenges. But we cannot undermine its influence on why we expect innovations with shorter time intervals than the last one. I am sure that many of our experts are taking measures to ensure that AI intelligence always works for our benefit, not harm.

Humanity can always look at AI as a valuable ally because that is what they are created and designed for in the first place.