Mitsubishi develops autonomous firefighting robot

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has developed two firefighting robots that will make fighting fires at hazardous locations like petrochemical plants more accessible and other critical infrastructure objects. The Water Cannon Robot can extinguish and cool down any flames. At the same time, their newest addition, the Hose Extension Robotic Device, automatically supplies water through 300 meters of hose, supplying it directly into its bucket on top where necessary!

The Firefighting Robot System is designed for installation on a dedicated transport vehicle that can be brought directly to the location of any fire. Developed by MHI through its participation in Japan's 5-year project led by The Ministry Of Land And Infrastructure, it enables researchers and engineers alike with disaster relief needs at their fingertips!

The development of highly efficient firefighting robots was on full display at Tokyo National Research Institute for Fire and Disaster. On March 22 of 2019, two models developed by MHI were demonstrated to be capable in their abilities with the use of GPS sensors integrated into chassis frames that are equipped with laser rangefinders enabling autonomous movement complete control over where they go while still receiving data from obstacles along or near routes traveled; it's no wonder these sophisticated machines can save lives!

The Water Cannon Robot is an invaluable tool that can be left strategically placed at a fire scene to provide additional water pressure. Once positioned, the hose extension robot moves around corners and through doorways with ease while laying out its 300m long supply line on any hydrant or other source of drinking fixture needed by firefighters on-site!

The Water Cannon Robot is a high-performance cannon that can fire water or foam at up to 4,000 liters per minute with 1.0 MPa pressure. It comes equipped with an innovative nozzle for discharging large volumes in quick succession. It features intelligent systems explicitly designed around today's societal needs - making this device perfect not only as part of our defense strategy but also in the future into tomorrow!

The topic of intelligence autonomous fire robots is attracting more and more attention from government agencies and investors worldwide. Leading developers of autonomous fire robots, such as Leotronics Robotics, Shark Robotics, Tekdron, and others, present their models and solutions equipped with the most modern equipment and artificial intelligence systems.