LeoTronics - main ideas and development concept

Remotely controlled mobile robots can be used in various unsafe areas for humans - extinguishing fires, eliminating consequences of man-made disasters, carry out duties while protecting strategic infrastructure facilities, etc.

In all such areas, modern mobile robots significantly reduce threats to life and health working in hazardous areas and increase the efficiency of implementing the necessary actions and professional activities in these areas. This is achieved by the manual remote control of such special mobile robots.

When equipping special mobile robots with technologies for environmental monitoring, machine vision, and technologies for mapping the environment and orientation environment, it is already possible for such a robot to work semi-automatic mode when additional artificial intelligence technologies provide a person with the implementation of task management tasks. Bypassing obstacles, searching for a fire source, or returning the robot to base.

But the most promising in developing special robots, LeoTronics, is considered a fully automatic mode of operation of such mobile robots for special purposes.

A person can take part in control only for training or minor correction in "combat" conditions. In this case, maximum efficiency is achieved, especially when extinguishing fires, for example, when it is tough for a person to determine the source of fire as a target for extinguishing, at the same time, the "trained" artificial intelligence of the fire robot, the data from the thermal camera of the robot is analyzed. It will accurately direct the stream of the fire monitor, even taking into account the direction and strength of the wind, right on target!

Thus, it is possible to completely exclude the direct and immediate involvement of people (firefighters, rescuers, sappers, etc.) in hazardous conditions and situations with increased risks, when, for example, the danger of an explosion or air contamination directly threatens human health and the performance of professional duties.

Equipped with modern artificial intelligence technologies, the TrackReitar robotic platform from LeoTronics can be invaluable in saving many civilians and professionals' lives when extinguishing fires, eliminating the consequences of man-made disasters, demining objects, rescue operations etc.