The LeoTronics team works closely with the fire department of the Slovak Republic

Firefighters note the vital need to use firefighting robots to suppress fires and work in conditions where it is dangerous for a person to be.

Field tests began in August 2021 at the fire station in Dudince. Based on the field test results, it was decided on further cooperation between LeoTronics and the fire department to create an affordable fire robot that best meets the needs of firefighting teams.

Currently, two modifications of the light firefighting robot TrackReitar FFL are presented:

  • Fire robot for work in critical infrastructure enterprises, the fire extinguishing system's capacity is up to 4800 l / min. It can extinguish a fire at a distance of at least 80 m with a water jet.
  • The second modification of the robot is equipped with a fire monitor with 1200 - 2400 l / min capacity. This robot extinguishes a fire at a distance of at least 60 m. This robot is more suited to fieldwork.

A transport robot TrackReitar is also being developed to implement one of the most time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks of laying fire hoses to access locations inaccessible to the main fire engines or too dangerous for firefighters. The hose transport robot will reach the problem area faster than the fire brigade, saving the workforce to fight the fire effectively.

Currently, work is underway on an artificial intelligence system that quickly and accurately determines the ignition source and ensures the supply of extinguishing agents directly to the fire site, minimising economic losses from the incident.

Close cooperation with fire departments at an early stage of development allows the LeoTronics engineering team to implement all the functions necessary for efficient operations.