Our main products are life-saving robots

Over the past two years, our LeoTronics R&D team has partnered with Infoland to develop and manufacture mobile robots. As a first result, we will present our mobile firefighting robots at the fire exhibition in Brno, which will take place on October 6-9 this year.

The niche of mobile robots is one of the promising areas that will help to declare Slovakia on foreign markets as a country-manufacturer of high-tech products.

Our main products are life-saving robots

To date, we have completed the development and production of pre-production samples of 3 models: 2 robots for fire extinguishing with installed fire monitors with a capacity of 2400 and 4800 l / min and a robot for transporting fire hoses.

The main difference between our robots of this year's model range from products offered by other manufacturers:

  • affordable price;
  • small dimensions and weight of robots;
  • adaptation to specific tasks.

The first tests of fire robots were carried out this summer. We received good feedback from fire service specialists about our firefighting robots and the prospects for their use at critical infrastructure facilities and in extinguishing forest fires.

You can view our products and concepts at www.leotronics.eu and www.itrendcompany.eu

Also, solutions for the defense and law enforcement sectors are being developed in cooperation with the iTrend company.

Our team is actively working to promote the image of Slovakia as an exporting country of modern high-tech products.

We have reached agreements with private partners in Poland, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Ukraine to promote our solutions in the European Union and Ukraine markets.

We will be glad to participate in joint work and image projects to promote Slovak high-tech products to the world market. We have the expert ability to provide customized robotics solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of your scenarios.

We are also ready to meet the needs of government services in mobile robotic technology and solving the problems of equipping emergency services with mobile robots.

Thank you in advance for any help and support.