LeoTronics presented a firefighter robot at the ELMIA Subcontractor 2021 exhibition

As we have written earlier, the LeoTronics team took part in the ELMIA Subcontractor International Exhibition 2021; as a part of the delegation of the Slovak Republic. Naturally, such an amazing event is precious for us since we had the opportunity to present both LeoTronics firefighting robots and the scientific and technical potential of Slovakia at such a high level. It's time for us to take stock, share our experience and impressions from participating in the exhibition.

So, from November 9 to 12, the specialists in mechanical engineering and industrial automation sectors were looking at Jonkoping, Sweden. It was there that the international exhibition ELMIA Subcontractor 2021 took place. About 1000 participants, more than 15000 visitors - a truly superb opportunity to demonstrate your innovative developments and technologies. Here the developers of complex intellectual solutions are concentrated, embodying the design of the nearest future. The LeoTronics team presented their latest development - the TrackReitar FFL fire robot.

First of all, by its appearance at the exhibition, TrackReitar FFL demonstrated that technologies in the development of mobile robots have already reached a new level. The primary purpose of the presented solution is to extinguish fires in hazardous and hard-to-reach places. A firefighter robot easily avoids obstacles, overcomes roughness, climbs the steps, and can get into areas that are difficult for humans to access. So that, using the robots saves not only valuable time and resources for firefighting services but also protects human lives, increases the efficiency of fighting fires - both indoors and outdoors.

Due to the versatility of the TrackReitar tracked platform, you can use this solution in many industries. It has attracted close attention from representatives of various sectors, thanks in part to the multitude of possibilities for integrating the robot into the service and business sectors. And it's not just about firefighters. Among the exciting ideas of the exhibition visitors, some proposals were primarily remembered: production of a snow cannon for ski resorts, snowblowers for public utilities and individuals, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, and even tracked vehicles for children. Surprisingly, each of the above ideas resonated with our specialists - some of them are already at the development stage.

To sum it up, we are safe to say that participation in ELMIA Subcontractor will allow us to significantly expand the range of products offered in the future. A few analogs on the market, the urgent need for such technologies, the fundamental principles of mobility, accessibility, ease of use, and versatility of our robotic solutions offer broad prospects for further development of the LeoTronics product line.