Ambulance/medical aid Robots from LeoTronics

One of the essential tasks for manufacturers in robotics is the development of an electronic evacuation stretcher and an evacuation module. The LeoTronics engineers are designing unmanned robotic systems to help evacuate casualties from the battlefield and other dangerous locations by transporting injured people out of unsafe places. Our developers have designed two such prototypes of robots for medical needs: TrackReitar Medical (for use by medical personnel) and TrackReitar Defense (for evacuating the wounded during military conflicts). These models were specially designed to transport casualties from the accident scene safely.

TrackReitar Medical

The robot is designed to save medical personnel from overloading, redirect qualified personnel to more important work, and, at the same time, automate transportation activities. According to statistics, ambulance workers have to lift victims up to 40 times a day, sometimes more than their weight, which affects the load on the back and legs. On the other hand, the robot easily copes with the task of transportation on its own. Its construction allows even very obese patients to be transported safely. In addition, the robot will become an indispensable assistant to the ambulance team in case of massive accidents.

TrackReitar Defense

In contrast to the previous model, this advanced development of a robotic resuscitation module is made to help wounded in the field conditions. The TrackReitar Defense finds and evacuates the injured under enemy fire with minimal personnel involvement. He can move in various landscapes and overcome serious obstacles, ranging from stairwells to the jungle.

How Rescue Robots work

The device is entirely autonomous. It can be controlled remotely or move in independent mode. Built-in ultrasonic sensors and infrared cameras guide the robot. So, the injured person is placed as carefully as possible on a particular safe platform for transportation. Delivery is carried out without the risk of causing additional harm to the victim's health. A built-in oxygen tank can also be placed onboard and used by the wounded. TrackReitar Medical and TrackReitar Defense robots relate to transport the wounded in military operations, in case of massive-scale disasters, with a shortage of medical personnel or in conditions of hard-to-reach terrain. They significantly save human resources and provide more gentle transportation in harsh conditions.