Hose Extension Robot TrackReitar FFK

Scientific and technological progress in the industrial sphere and construction and an information technology breakthrough require new approaches to extinguishing fires at various sites. In this article, we would like to touch upon the issue of extinguishing fire robotization. Earlier, we have already presented to your attention the TrackReitar FFL model. LeoTronics robot designed for direct fire extinguishing. The second type of robot is Hose Extenstion Robot TrackReitar FFK. They are made for self-extinguishing fires in dangerous conditions for fire brigades to operate.

The specifics of introducing robots into the firefighting process

Often, firefighters have to extinguish an extensive fire in a large and hard-to-reach area. At the same time, firefighters' access can be difficult due to destruction and other obstacles. In addition, in case of a fire in hazardous production, every firefighting effort can be dangerous to people. LeoTronics engineers have created robotic firefighters to solve this problem, extinguishing large-scale fires. What is the difference between the presented models?

Integrated extinguishing system

The main robot, TrackReitar FFL, is equipped with a high-pressure water and foam nozzle to fight the fire with maximum efficiency. Model TrackReitar FFK is responsible for unwinding the fire hose and transporting its end to a hydrant or fire pump. Thus, the use of LeoTronics robots makes it possible to extinguish fires at a distance from the water source and allows members of the fire brigade to maintain a safe distance from the fire. The powerful motor helps the robot overcome obstacles and even climb stairs. At the same time, it can pull a hose filled with water, which can be equated to the efforts of dozen firefighters.

How Fire Fighting Robots Work

The robotic system is delivered to the location in a container mounted on a special vehicle. During operation, these robots independently travel to the point set by the operator, tracking their movements using GPS navigation, inertial and odometric systems, lidars, and other sensors. After arriving, the assistant robot leaves, unwinding a fire hose; firefighters must connect the inlet to a water source - a fire engine, hydrant, etc.

TrackReitar FFK functionality

The robot moves on a tracked platform. It is equipped with a hose basket with rigid, heavy construction. The arm automatically extends and stays following the robot's movement, including corner maneuvers. Outside, the robot is sheathed with metal and composite panels, which allows it to remain in heat radiation conditions for a long time, which is unacceptable for people. It can be equipped with GPS navigation, an odometer system, and laser sensors that make it able to navigate to the fire site autonomously. Remote control by a fire service specialist is possible. The product has already been tested with the Slovak fire service specialists, on which LeoTronics robots put their best foot forward.