TrackReitar Police - Mobile Shield Robot

In the context of good security governance, effective law enforcement means that police and security forces can provide public and personal security within the framework of democratic civilian control and respect of the law and human rights. However, in any paramilitary operation, it is not just about restoring law and order and protecting victims but also about the adequate protection of law enforcement officials. Thus, proper equipment plays a vital role in any operation. And one of the main elements of defense, of course, is the shield.

The shield is the root of everything!

The special forces have a variety of devices for all occasions: battering rams for kicking the doors down, nets for catching criminals, even crossbows. But every fighter knows - going to the assault, it would be nice to have a shield. Bulletproof shields quickly found application in special forces. That was due to several reasons. Firstly, the shield became irreplaceable with the emergence of new protective materials that highly probability stopped a bullet or explosion's fragments. Secondly, the tasks of counterterrorism activities became too specific: the armed personnel at all costs had to enter the premises where there were hostages, or there were criminals who should have been taken alive.

Full-length riot shields

There are many models of riot shields on the market. The design of all products of this type is approximately the same: the central part is a hexagon covering the person's profile up to the groin level. If it is required to cover a fighter from head to toe, he attaches an additional "section" to the shield, protecting the lower body. However, the shield also has a significant drawback: holding such a considerable weight on the hands. In addition, the presence of a shield constrains movement and makes the fighter behind it incapable of active actions.

Mobile shields

Sometimes the situation does not evolve very quickly. For example, negotiations on surrendering weapons are underway, but at the same time, it is necessary to continue blocking the territory from terrorists' attempts to break out. In such cases, in order not to overload the fighters, they use mobile shields. Such models, of course, have less mobility than portable counterparts. However, it provides more protection for a long time for the entire group without physically exhausting the forefront fighters. However, these models are far from ideal. Technologies do not remain static - the LeoTronics team has developed a prototype of an effective robotic TrackReitar Police on a tracked platform.

TrackReitar Police

So, what exactly is a robotic TrackReitar Police on the tracked platform? This innovative model of movable shields draws attention from special forces and police due to its uniqueness in the market and extensive functionality. TrackReitar Police protects people against mechanical influences, bullets, and shrapnel. The shield's complete set and control system may vary depending on users' needs. The security can be controlled remotely using a special secure communication channel. On the other hand, it is equipped with special sensors that react to the slightest movement of people behind it. The specified functionality allows it to be used in places where the presence of a person is undesirable (the threat of infection with biological weapons, radiation damage to objects). This movable shield is not inferior to ordinary police protection in mobility, but it is superior in its effectiveness, providing special forces soldiers with huge tactical advantages. The tracked platform easily overcomes obstacles. If the robot can not pass through the doorway, its armor can be rolled up and then deployed to its previous state using mechanical closers. The same system makes the TrackReitar Police easy to transport.

Additional functionality

In addition to protection, the mobile shield can act as a battering ram and clear the way for the division, removing heavy objects from the path. If it is supposed to work in a dark room, the shield can be equipped with an external light source mounted under the observation window, providing a full view of the surroundings. Also, the constructors have provided the possibility of a flashing "strobe light" to blind and disorient terrorists. A movable shield is indispensable for blocking offenders and preventing direct contact with security officials. Thus, such functionality allows LeoTronics specialists to design the most optimal models for individual needs, making the shield the most appropriate for specific operations without overloading it with unnecessary devices.