Multifunctional observer TrackReitar Inspector 3D

Today, when robots are felt in most industries in advanced states, it is time to recall the sphere where they appeared earlier than anywhere else. The nuclear industry was one of the first areas of human activity where robotic devices began to be used. This was due to the danger or impossibility of direct human participation in some operations connected to high radiation or toxicity. Therefore, it became necessary to use technologies for indirect observation of many processes.

TrackReitar Inspector 3D is a worthy heir of the first robotics development

It is an inspection robots intended to explore areas or premises where man's entry is impossible for many related safety or inaccessibility reasons. It is an ideal solution not only for conducting research operations on particular objects but also for solving traditional tasks that require multiple repetitions.

Possibilities for application

TrackReitar Inspector 3D increases the safety of human work and provides an economic effect in cases of the need for constant monitoring of territories, conducting reconnaissance operations, monitoring objects. Inspector 3D is indispensable for transporting dangerous goods and video surveillance at installations with particular safety and labor protection requirements. These can be the territories of restricted test sites, areas of heavy equipment operation, blasting operations, chemical plants. Where there is a risk of injury to an employee's health, it is vital to observe the labor protection rules at the enterprise strictly. The robot will perform the tasks of remote video surveillance and transportation of dangerous substances without any risk to human health and violations of safety measures.


Inspection robots from LeoTronics can operate in semi-autonomous or autonomous modes. The undoubted advantage of this solution is the ability to automatically move the robot along a known route and their ability to work in a fully automatic way without any input from the operator. The intuitive tablet-based system interface simplifies the operators' daily work. It gives operators instant and quick access to standard procedures and operating logs for faster problem resolution and more accessible performance analysis.

The TrackReitar Inspector 3D security system can include:

  • laser scanners (lidars) providing 360 ° control of the space around the robot;
  • depth cameras that allow to detect obstacles in the path of the robot and to change the trajectory smoothly without stopping the robot;
  • equipment for sound signals. In any case, the appearance of the robot, as well as its functional load, may vary depending on the demands.