The Perfect transporter TrackReitar Transport

Since the beginning of civilization, the task of shipping goods has become increasingly in demand. And if humanity coped with loads weighing more than several hundred kilograms, then smaller ones are still transported via wheelbarrows and carts or, at best, trailers for mini tractors or quad bikes. Such a solution might be both appropriate and feasible, but not in the case of repetitive relocations or for the transportation of goods in areas with challenging conditions. These tasks can be entrusted to the TrackReitar Transport robot from LeoTronics. It can transport cargo weighing up to 100 kg. The energy reserve stored in the batteries will be enough for dozens of kilometers or up to 5 hours of operation (depending on the area). The TrackReitar Transport battery charging also presents no additional difficulties, and it is more simple than charging an electric car.

Modes of robot movement

The robot route can be navigated in three ways:

manual mode - the robot is controlled by a remote control autonomous mode - you set the route or the endpoint of the course, and the robot independently arrives at the specified location.; "follow me" mode - the robot will follow you and make an electronic map of the path.

At the same time, this robotic installation is intended not only for carrying things. The tracked platform allows you to use it effectively on any rugged terrain, on the premises, in landfills, in harsh climatic conditions, etc. The robot is equipped with lidar and ultrasonic sensors in which it overcomes obstacles. It is fitted with LED lights that glow in the dark and make it visible.

Transportation of the robot does not require additional conditions - due to its compactness. It can be easily placed in a trailer or trunk.

How else can TrackReitar Transport be used?

  • as robotic porters for transporting equipment, water, provisions;
  • as a basis for installing any module;
  • as a platform for launching drones;
  • for the transportation of dangerous goods, substances, and liquids harmful to human health. The robot's configuration allows you to add modules and change its functionality. TrackReitar Transport has a robust and lightweight construction with low thermal and noise footprints.

TrackReitar Transport advantages

  • rapid deployment;
  • the ability to be used for various tasks due to a simple change of outer modules;
  • easy programming and user-friendly interface;
  • optimization of logistics processes and increasing their safety;
  • safe and efficient execution of maneuvers to avoid people and obstacles.

Thus TrackReitar Transport has many uses in industrial fields, research expeditions, law enforcement bodies, extreme tourism, and individuals. The robot's primary purpose in defense operations is to transport ammunition, medicines, and other equipment. In any case, using TrackReitar Transport allows people to become more mobile and efficient.