On Friday, 04/08/2022, CTO of LeoTronics Mykhaylo Kyslynsky held a meeting with Marek Nowakowski

A researcher at the Military Institute of Armored and Automotive Technology, Warsaw. The main topic was possible scientific/commercial cooperation with the institute mentioned above in developing mobile robots, autonomous driving systems, and the specifics of overcoming obstacles.

Another important point discussed at the meeting was the possibility of partnership in participation in Horizon Europe 2022. Recall that this program aims to finance research and innovation to increase their influence on the EU policy in solving globally significant problems. Legal entities of the EU and associated countries participate in the program.

Note that if the above cooperation is agreed upon, participation in Horizon Europe 2022 in collaboration with the Military Institute of Armored and Automotive Technology will be an essential step in the LeoTronics development. The next round of the Horizon Europe 2022 competition will open on 28 April and run until autumn 2022, so we will make a final decision on this matter shortly.