LeoTronics News

The developers of LeoTronics and the fire station firefighters in Dudince conducted the first field test of the Slovakian firefighting robot TrackReitar FFL last Saturday.

The little helper has shown great capacity. The robot independently reached the position with attached fire hoses and successfully coped with a hypothetical wildfire in a couple of minutes. During this short time, the robot poured nearly 7 thousand litres of water into the fire.

After completing the task, the robot returned to its location on its own.

Firefighters praised the prospects for using the TrackReitar. They noted that it is highly desirable to have such a robot at chemical industry facilities, oil depots and other critical infrastructure enterprises with an increased fire hazard. In such conditions, the robot is always ready to move forward to extinguish a fire when it detects a source of ignition.

Within minutes, the robot arrives at the position and begins to fight the fire. Thanks to remote control and powerful motors, the firefighter pays more attention to extinguishing the fire. At the same time, he saves his strength since a robot performs the main physical work. All the physical work of the robot operator is reduced to connecting fire hoses and supplying water or other extinguishing agents.

Fire service specialists noted the need for a transportation UGV in the LeoTronics' model range for transporting and unwinding fire hoses.

Also, firefighters have expressed great interest in the further development of the range of fire robots. In particular, the need to develop a more powerful platform for fighting forest wildfires and a robot with low water consumption for working in urban environments.