Mobile manipulator TrackReitar UGV for business

In this article, our company would like to present our new concept - TrackReitar UGV for business, one solution of mobile robots on a tracked platform equipped with a manipulator's arm. It is positioned as a mobile research platform for manipulation and interaction tasks.

Manipulator refers to the particular mechanisms that control objects and instruments of labor. It includes some movable links for reciprocal motions and movements at an angle. The manipulator arm, which the new TrackReitar UGV for business robot has got, can rotate and move in any direction. A manipulator's component has been created to replace a person, i.e., carry out monotonous or dangerous work on its behalf. Instead of fingers, the manipulator can be equipped with suction cups and other tools: screwdrivers, wrenches, nozzles, welding heads, etc.

The robot can be used in increasingly dangerous conditions (explosion threat, mine clearance, surveillance, radiation, gas leak). Additionally, TrackReitar UGV for business can be fitted with mine detectors, a set of high-resolution cameras, and sensors. He can climb into hard-to-reach places, conduct surveillance for the safety of people, repair minor accidents via manipulator (for example, turn off the gas leak valve). Moreover, in contrast to its counterparts, TrackReitar UGV for business has a more beautiful and arty body with smoother contours. Even more, its movements resemble a living creature, not a mechanical robot.


TrackReitar UGV for business does not link to a specific location, and it is designed to execute tasks at any point. It can work autonomously, in various conditions - for any weather, in harsh or dangerous situations, such as mine clearance. These mobile robots are relatively small in weight and size take up little space during transportation. Their capabilities allow them to overcome obstacles on their way. Compared to standard collaborative robots, the increased maneuverability enables them to operate on emergency overlaps in tunnels, mining sites, or industrial facilities. The design and low operating weight increase the all-terrain travel capability in any condition.

Prospects for use

We often have to face hazards and work in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures (for example, in an active volcano), or vice versa in the cold (Arctic missions), humidity, high-pressure levels, tight spaces (in pipelines), or at facilities related to the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear industries. Robotic intervention in challenging environmental conditions is a growing sector in the global market. Improving working conditions in such cases is an absolute must. In addition, it requires a lot of effort, resources, and environmental knowledge to develop a robot for work in extreme conditions successfully.

That is why TrackReitar UGV for business is an innovative perspective development that can be used in entirely different fields of human activity.