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Universal Mobile Robots Developer

Universal Mobile Robots developer, Leotronics is always the first to deliver all the innovations to life to save lives and facilitate hard work.

Leotronics is a European developer and manufacturer of mobile robots and solutions based on them. We conduct developments in mechatronics, electronics, artificial intelligence and neural networks, autonomous navigation, and research human-machine interaction.

What we do?

Our products

leohelper robots

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Service robots

trackreitar robots

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Tracked robots


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Main Advantages of Leotronics Mobile Robots


You will get a robotic solution from Leotronics suitable and adapted for your applications.


A team of experienced engineers mans our support pages to help you whenever you need it.

Easy configuration

Easy configuration and installation adapting to the needs of each client, with simple software configuration.


Creative and smart ways to take challenges.


Our team overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results for our clients.


We take the lead in European robotics through excellence. Our company inspires growth and innovation through learning and bold action.


The best experts in computer science, mechanical and industrial engineering, and electrical and computer engineering solve your questions.

leotronics trackreitar

Who we are?

Our team

Roman Prysiazhnyi

LeoTronics CEO

Mykhaylo Kyslynsky

LeoTronics Chief Engineer

Ruslan Prysyazny

LeoTronics Founder

Tatiana Yevstifyeyeva

LeoTronics Accountant

Ihor Rumiantsev

Lead Software Engineer

Anastasiia Voitiuk

LeoTronics Artist

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