TrackReitar MineHunter - robot for safe mine clearance

Robots in the defense service are not a new topic since robotic vehicles and complexes have been used for military purposes for a long time. However, ground-based robotic systems have remained a promising avenue in developing military equipment for many years. One of the trending topics is robot-sappers who are engaged in demining tasks.

TrackReitar MineHunter

In previous articles, we have already presented the concept of the inspection robot TrackReitar TRACKREITAR INSPECTOR 3D by LeoTronics, designed for safe monitoring of the surrounding area. However, unlike it, the new TrackReitar MineHunter product can perform surveillance and the clearance of mines, unexploded ordnance, and other dangerous remnants of war. In particular, it can eliminate "stretch marks" and detect anti-personnel, anti-tank mines, and explosive items. Such a technique minimizes the risks to the sapper's life.

How demining robots works

So, the mobile robot detects, neutralizes, and eliminates explosive devices, particularly seeing all types of landing mines. There are two possible principles of the robot. In the first case, the robot's action is aimed at "soft" neutralization. For this, the platforms are equipped with one or two robotic arms. The automatic "arm" can lift dangerous objects and reach the most difficult-to-reach places. It can be fitted with traditional explosive ordnance disposal devices and lasers, as well as a targeting camera and grappler unit. Via digital cameras, suspicious objects can be moved or destroyed by detonation in the place where they were found. Or robots can move them to another area where the explosion will cause fewer negative consequences. The second variant of mine-clearing robots is designed to make a path in minefields and clear the territory from landing mines. Their principle of action is to cause detonation of mines by creating noise, pressure, and other types of effects on soil. The idea is to explode without causing damage to the robot. We offer another type of anti-mine robot. This is the TrackReitar MineHunter, a mobile mine detector that allows detecting mines, including those at depth. At the same time, a sapper specialist is at a safe distance and searching for mines remotely.

Configuration options

Depending on the specific model and the demand, robots can be equipped with various optoelectronic, infrared observation (detection) cameras, ultrasonic sensors, communication and data transmission facilities, laser rangefinders, and other special equipment. TrackReitar MineHunter has remote monitoring systems using digital cameras that transmit video streams to the operator's console display. Thanks to the onboard monitoring system, the operator receives a high-resolution picture in real-time. It can also record this video for further study.

The robot can be equipped with different devices to detect mines, ranging from the simple mine detector to the most advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). An advanced artificial intelligence system will help the operator to detect dangerous objects. At the same time, the deminer is at a safe distance from hazardous areas.

TrackReitar MineHunter features

  • relatively small dimensions, which ensure its high mobility due to the possibility of delivery to the operation site in a car and use it in difficult conditions;
  • tracked chassis, increasing the robot's ability to move over rough terrain;
  • simple design, which makes it possible to adapt the machine depending on the customer's conditions;
  • the ability to overcome long distances move not only on a horizontal surface but also on inclined surfaces, as well as move along the stairwells;
  • large lifting capacity of the manipulator.

Possibility of using a robot

Primary inspection and demining robots TrackReitar MineHunter are intended for defense and civilian use (humanitarian demining, security forces, public order structures, emergency response structures). They can perform various tasks, including visual surveillance of areas potentially dangerous to humans, search, emergency evacuation, detect of different explosive devices. Process automation is one of the benefits of work. The operator can pre-define the sequence of operations to increase focus on the job itself and reduce the workload when performing tasks in difficult circumstances.