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at the exhibition "International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair", which will be in the Brno Exhibition Center from 6 to 8 October. We will wait for you at pavilion Z, place number 016!

Roman Prysiazhnyi
Roman Prysiazhnyi
Leotronics CEO

Our mission

As a Universal Mobile Robots developer, Leotronics is always the first to deliver all the innovations to life to save lives and facilitate hard work.
Thanks to their agility, mobile robots are an ideal assistant to perfectly help humans in dangerous and tough environments to make routine and repetitive operations. Artificial intelligence, machine vision and other high-tech features expand the range of tasks performed.
+ Innovation

Creative and smart ways to take challenges.

+ Collaboration

Long-term relationships grounded in cooperation and a shared vision is a key to success! Our team overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

+ Leadership

We take the lead in European robotics through excellence. Our company inspires growth and innovation through learning and bold action.

+ Expertise

Extensive robotics expertise is essential to adding robots to your workflow. The best experts in computer science, mechanical and industrial engineering, and electrical and computer engineering solve your questions.

+ Passion

Passionate teammates fuse math, science, hardware, software and mechanical systems to make incredible solutions.


Main Advantages of Leotronics Mobile Robots

You will get a robotic solution from Leotronics suitable and adapted for your applications.
A team of experienced engineers mans our support pages to help you whenever you need it.
Easy configuration
Easy configuration and installation adapting to the needs of each client, with simple software configuration.

Not sure how to get started?

LeoTronics provides detailed documentation to help you get acquainted with every aspect of your purchase.

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