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As we have written earlier, the LeoTronics team took part in the ELMIA Subcontractor International Exhibition 2021; as a part of the delegation of the Slovak Republic. Naturally, such an amazing event is precious for us since we had the opportunity to present both LeoTronics robots and the scientific and technical potential of Slovakia at such a high level. It's time for us to take stock, share our experience and impressions from participating in the exhibition.

The LeoTronics team, together with Infoland, represented the Slovak Republic at the ELMIA Subcontractor 2021 International Exhibition as part of a joint exposition in the Slovakia GOOD IDEA SLOVAKIA brand in November this year.

Robots in the defense service are not a new topic since robotic vehicles and complexes have been used for military purposes for a long time. However, ground-based robotic systems have remained a promising avenue in developing military equipment for many years. One of the trending topics is robot-sappers who are engaged in demining tasks.

From 6 to 8 October in the Czech Republic, Brno, the International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair and the International Security Technology and Services Fair (PYROS 2021) were held, which became the largest such event in the European Union. At the same time, the Brno Exhibition Center held the International Exhibition for Defense and Security Technologies (IDET) and the International Exhibition for Security Technologies and Services (ISET). It focuses on professionals and anyone interested in fire prevention, integrated rescue efforts and systems, health, life and property protection, security, defense, and police professionals.

We invite you to visit LeoTronics' stand at the exhibition "International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair", which will be in the Brno Exhibition Center from 6 to 8 October. We will wait for you at pavilion Z, place number 016!

Over the past two years, our LeoTronics R&D team has partnered with Infoland to develop and manufacture mobile robots. As a first result, we will present our mobile firefighting robots at the fire exhibition in Brno, which will take place on October 6-9 this year.

Today, when robots are felt in most industries in advanced states, it is time to recall the sphere where they appeared earlier than anywhere else. The nuclear industry was one of the first areas of human activity where robotic devices began to be used. This was due to the danger or impossibility of direct human participation in some operations connected to high radiation or toxicity. Therefore, it became necessary to use technologies for indirect observation of many processes.